Friday, February 7, 2020

Essay Tips on Topic Based Essays

Essay Tips on Topic Based EssaysTopic-based essays are an essential element in a winning essay. They bring the reader from beginning to end of your topic to a point you may be interested in knowing more about. There are two main styles for topic-based essays. The first is more targeted and focused, while the second tends to be more broad ranges.The more balanced approach is to start your topic in the beginning and go backwards in time. To give you an example, you would start your essay with a statement of your unique expertise. It is at this point that you let the reader know you are writing about the most important points in your area of expertise. The amount of time this takes is somewhat up to you. It's up to you to give the reader enough information to follow the logical continuation of your essay.The more generalized approach focuses on the hard things that you have done. For example, you may find out you run a successful business and you write about how you keep all of your emp loyees informed. You know the keys to success. You may also find that you are a playwright who is at the point where you need to show readers how you have created a play that is performed in a number of venues. This is also the time to describe the process you used to create it. This type of essay is typically done in a very general way and shows little of the specifics of your work.The second method of essay is to cover more closely related topics. This can be especially useful if your expertise or interest lies in a subset of topics that may not be directly related to your general topic. For example, you may want to write about a particular company because it produces apparel for the city of Portland. You will need to follow your essay with a paragraph that explains your enthusiasm for this company.These two approaches to the topic based essays can often lead to quite good essays. You can easily tell the difference because they do not give the reader the feeling you don't know any thing about the subject at hand. For example, when you are writing about the Portland based company that produces apparel, you want to write about that company's excellence in the Portland market. Not everything needs to be a direct, all business style point. You may also want to describe a marketing campaign or an initiative that you can point to as an example of your expertise. I guarantee that you will not feel like your essay is lacking when you are able to apply these tips.If you are the type of person who tends to write about topics that aren't your specialty, you may find yourself frustrated with the choices you make when you write for Huck Finn. What you should do is to narrow your focus and write about those topics. You may be surprised how your essay is better for it.This is the first in a series of posts on topics for Huck Finn essay topics. My next essay will talk about your online essay experiences and how you can take them into the real world.

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